Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lake Tahoe at Thanksgiving

During thanksgiving holiday, I've been on Lake Tahoe. The main purpose of this trip, including 10+10 hours driving up there, was snowboarding. Oh my God! There's too warm and results only a few ski area opened with couple of runs. Guess what? All the holiday visitors rushed to those small ski slope. Surely, I couldn't make enough speed and should even wait for half an hour to ride a small chair lift! So, I decided to change the goal of this trip to sightseeing. Especially, photographying. Fortunately, my new camera has been delivered just two days before taking off, lots of fresh pix were taken in good shape. Here are some of them.

Tahoe is the biggest lake in california (maybe whole east coast) at high land. It seems like a sea rather than a lake but, soon, I realize the purity of water allows me to see inside of it to bottom.

One day, I went up to the top of heavenly ski area w/o snowboard equipments just like a traveller. It's windy and cold. Thus, I couldn't stand there long time. God! The vista point has a little store selling coffee! No one can resist to have a hot cup of drink up there.

It's a little bit tricky to take sun and lake in one shot. I still need to be trained about photography but this one satisfies me.

Stateline is so-called downtown around lake tahoe. There're nice fancy stores and resorts. It's divided into california side and nevada side. Funny!

There're couple of small lakes are spread around the big lake. Donner is one of them. I found it by my mistake on direction to Boreal ski resort. It's worthy to spend time, here! The most beautiful area except lake tahoe in this trip!

Carson city is the capital of the state of Nevada. It's little cute historical city. I should spend more time on this city next time.

The 2nd big city in Nevada was already in the mood of Christmas. Reno gave my friend, Jaehyuk, a little bit good fortune. He earned about $500 in Casino. Good job!

When I came down from Lake Tahoe, I've got a little cute village like a painting. The name of this town is Foothill.


  1. Nice pix. Looks like a good vacation spot.

    Go back in January and I'm sure they'll have plenty of snow!

  2. Greg>> Yeah, I should. It's already snowy from early this week, over there.

  3. So many good pictures!!!

  4. Gene>> Thanks! You should travel over there, too. Let's go snowboarding!!