Monday, April 10, 2006

Mountain, Desert and Lake

  • Laguna mountain
On the top of the Laguna mountain , I could see desert view over couple of hills. Since here's highest land (6.3k ft) around San Diego, strong wind and low temperature made me quite chilly

The lonely observatory stands with the clear blue sky as background. Usually, no people stays and keeps this facility. I always wonder if someone operates it.

  • Anza Borrego desert
After mountains, Julian, valley, there starts Anza Borrego desert. The cactus flowers' season starts at March or April. It's a miracle we can see this beautiful little flower in desert.

Surely, lots of cactus live there. Snake's lair also scares people since you can find it everywhere around.

Red colored little flowers were shaked too much by the wind. It was hard to take those guys.

I like this cute little flower. This color lets me recall the scene of forsythia in Korea. I've passed roads with blossom of forsythia at every day of Spring to get school.

The other side of desert is still dried and dead looked. My friends recommended me to travel a desert on winter rather than summer. It's easily emagined why.

Some vine flowers sticked and lived together. Even in a desert, living thing tends to get together to survive.

  • Salton Sea
I've finally arrived at the Salton Sea. It was hot. It was dried. I was dusty. But there still is a huge lake.

Salton Sea is the biggest lake of California. It stays there because rivers and streams flow until it. There's no way out. So, tthis large amount of water just stays there. One may imagine how water gets salty under this hot circumstance.
A post stands in water. The white material around this post is salt. Can you see how this water is salty?

The place around Salton Sea is supposed to be dead environment but, surprisingly, you can find certain live animals on site.

Furthermore, there is little community of human. Salton Sea area has couple of small towns which are called as "city". No yellow brick road. No city hall. But there's still city.

Lonely posts are along the beach and it's time to go back to home.


  1. Hey, are these from the trip you went on this past weekend? This blog thing is fun~

  2. Stella>> Yes, these are from the last sunday's trip with Ellena, Irene and Sean. Thanks for visiting here. Come often. ^^

  3. Que interesante! Yo no sabia que la foto se puede ver ampliada!! Chester, espero que te vaya bien toda la cosa siempre y que tengas un lindo viaje en Corea. Yo seguire observando tu blog. Te mando un abraso. Chau!!

  4. Eduardo>> Thanks. Click on each pic, next time. Why don't you create your own blog? I want to see your pix, too. Hello to your wife. I'll call you later!